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As soon as the motion picture, Valhalla, was greenlit by film production company GKG for development; gravitybureau™ was asked to begin pre-sales brand identity creation for all outbound marketing tools. The brief was structured around information available regarding the film's narrative. A suicide jumper from a skyscraper ignites a journey for the protagonist - into a high society gambling ring with global impact and reach. The identity and poster required the story's reflection.


We explored identity designs that illustrated the wealth of the antagonists in the film. The higher echelons of society, willing to lose millions in an evening for fun. A sense of the 1920's wreckless excess. We explored metropolitan skylines and shapes that brought a sense of the claustrophobia to the design. A sense that our protagonist is truly alone in the film's world.


Based on our foundational relationship with the GKG creative executives, the process for Valhalla's identity development was swift. The bold color palette was a clear winner with the clients' pre-sales group; and will stand out amongst the blue and gold colors of current Hollywood fare. The poster was approved as the main communication tool for all trailer marketing in advance of the film's release. The client was profoundly excited by the execution and offered gravitybureau™ the Marketing Agency of Record contract for the film.




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