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Religion Tequila

  • Industry: Spirits

  • Scope: Hybrid Content™ System

  • Hybrid Content:


It has been our pleasure to work on the Religion Tequila™ brand since its inception. From early identity designs through product packaging and design - and finally with the request for a full advertising campaign - we have been stalwart creative & brand partners with Dirty Liquor Brands to bring their ideas to market.


We explored obvious religious notions and found them to be too limiting, too polarizing and certainly not provocative enough to land inside an over-saturated spirits market. Our creative team focused on the humanity of good and evil, rising and falling and the pursuit of dreams. Religion isn't a building. It's a belief. Faith doesn't have a cloak or necessarily a book. Each human can experience their own religion. Their own belief system. Their own ambitious drive towards transforming a dream into changing the world.


We created the tagline Sinfully Pure™ - we built a Hybrid Content advertising campaign around the framework ofResurrection. Rebuilding dreams, passions, lives and creating a brave, new world. Deliverance on the brief has come in the form of a dynamic digital advertising campaign, outdoor, experiential media and cross-platform commercial content. This campaign will launch in early 2014.