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We had the pleasure of working with Bayleys Real Estate on a truly unique creative and design opportunity. Their request was rather simple, create a brand and concept for their annual sales event; which they sell tickets to every level of team member within their national network. They left the creative and artistic direction completely in our hands to shape and design.

Our primary goal was to create an interactive and immersive entertainment experience for the attendees. We built a brand identity and narrative story for the event, created content and organised a company of actors to move throughout five different constructed sets.


We created NIGHTFALL. An evening of sensuality, mystery and intrigue - featuring live singing performances from Coco Davis, the Gramophone Band and Union; and live interactive exhibits from an Escape Artist, a Burlesque Dance troupe and a group of Prizefighters. Integrated into the various sets were method actors, each bearing a unique character, costume and performance objective. The feedback from the event was incredibly remarkable and humbling; especially in the eyes of the opportunity to create a complete world full of dark and savoury characters. After the event we received word, that the experience was the best annual event the company has ever held; and were asked to return next year with design and creative direction to build entirely new world for the Bayleys team to relish!




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